High End Systems Hog Factor Finale at Prolight + Sound 2018 mit Berufsschülerinnen der EVITA

High End Systems (an ETC company) invites students and apprentices to participate in a European lighting show programming competition. The most impressive performances will make it to the final round at Prolight + Sound, Frankfurt on April 11th at 5pm (Hall 4/Stand D59).

Finalists: Team StatusCue (EVITA- 3BV Veranstaltungstechnik): MESITZ Nina, KOLLER Ute, VAN KOGELENBERG Leo.

The finalists will be given time in advance to familiarize themselves with the technique and rig; a Hog expert will be at their side to guide them. The competitors will need to possess a great deal of technical know-how and lighting design talent as they must play back their preprogrammed shows live; time code programming or learned timing are not permitted.

Well done! We can make it! I’m full of pride – Karl Hasenhütl

Good luck and congratulations!

(Bild: http://www.highend.com/gallery/news/high-end-systems-announces-hog-factor-finale-at-prolight-sound-2018)